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29 Dec

Blasphemy is a term often used to describe an action or statement that could be interpreted as disrespectful or questioning of god. It is viewed poorly and was once punished harshly, often by death. In some cultures it still is. And yet many people associate atheism with communism, which is itself associated with censorship. And yet Christianity is based off of similar standards.

A good comparison is to the government of North Korea. (I started writing this before the guy died, so pretend he’s still around for the moment.) In this society the leader is looked at with very high respect and obedience. Questioning him is more than frowned upon; it may result in like incarceration or death. With god the consequence is supposedly hell, a place of eternal suffering beyond imagination. Both have a very strict policy against free speech.

The constitutionally based governing system of the U.S. was designed to be a safe-haven for freedom of speech and press in order to freely exchange thoughts and ideas without restriction. A popular part of this is the right to criticism of politicians. No one cares if you poke fun at a member of congress or the president. Political jokes are perfectly acceptable, even to those who disagree with them. No one can deny people have a right to this. Such a way of living is radically different to that of North Korea. It also contradicts the basis of blasphemy; free to poke fun at a ruling authority. If god is in favor of the U.S. and the freedoms we cherish, then why would he use a system that is the complete opposite? God sets himself up as a complete dictator.

God is supposed to be the perfect being. So, picture the perfect person. Does this person get jealous or insecure easily? Do they have a short temper towards insults, or even things that could only barely be considered insulting? Do they wish fear from others? God as a perfect being is illogical with the attributes many Christians use to define him. If you say that you fear your god, that is a high level of blasphemy. If you have accused another of blasphemy, and claim that god is angry, then that too is blasphemy.

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