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1 Jan

This post will be shorter than I’d like, but I felt like I needed to get one out. This post kept me up until 3:30 in the morning. I hope your fucking happy<3

Prayer is an interesting invention, and an ineffective one. I have several problems with the idea, starting with how little it works. You can pray all you want for world peace and starving children for all the good it will do. But if someone prays that they can find their keys, then bingo! Here they are! Wow, isn't god just awesome?! This can then be used as a story to tell your atheist friends, wondering how they could ever deny such a miracle was coincidence.

What. A. Joke.

First off, this has actually happened, and can be bent to fit other occurrences from finding keys to a loved one surviving cancer. Both are small in comparison to the large problems in our world and the thousands that die from natural disasters and warfare. Why are you special enough that god answered the easy prayers that could happen anyway? Well your not, he didn't, and yes, it was coincidence.

Coincidences do happen. If one in 50 survive cancer X, and your uncle does, then good for him. But you can't tell me this is evidence for god, especially when I can show you 49 others whom god apparently wasn't too sure about.

Prayer is ironic if you think about it. I mean, what happened to god's plan? Do you really think your going to sway him and change the whole fucking thing just by asking? Thinking your important enough with your small needs to change the entire script of you ASK is pretty arrogant.

Not that I'm saying a dying family member isn't important, but in the grand scheme of things, its really nothing. I thought theres supposed to be a purpose to everything, even death. I say this because as an atheist, I don't think there IS a grand scheme of things.

This post turned into a bit of a rant, but I had fun writing it. Also, it may be because it's 3:30 in the morning.

Thanks for reading! :3

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