26 Nov

Penn Jillette, famous magician comedian, is also an atheist. In his book God, No! he mentions how he made a video telling Christians and such to go ahead and preach to him, for a few reasons. I won’t go into exact detail about what he says, so hopefully you can go buy it for yourself. It’s good. Basically, he agrees people wanting to preach to him; saving a soul from hell and such. (If you don’t mind, I’ll just switch to first person now, I don’t want to keep saying ‘he says’.) If you honestly think that I’m going to be tortured for eternity in the most horrible ways imaginable, PLEASE, at least have the morality to try and change my path. If your in such a position, do you not have some sort of responsibility to try and help a fellow out? I mean, damn! They don’t mess around in hell.
I can agree with all that. The part where you’ve lost me is the whole magical guy up there who actually gives a shit that I don’t believe in him to the point where he wants me tortured. Oh, and he loves me.

I can agree with the motive, it’s just the substance that’s really screwy. I also feel theres a responsibility in the same way for an atheist to look around, tap someone on the shoulder and go ‘excuse me, this is bullshit.’ Even if you can’t agree with the substance Christians, please at least try and understand our position and point of view.

I am new at this. I suck. Any suggestions on how to improve my writing, please tell me. Comment or something if you have a question, compliment, something to say or even just to yell at me. Say hi just to let me know your there! Thank you for reading, and again, please comment.

Thank you. :3


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