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8 Nov

Abortion is a very tricky and controversial subject. For people who are not fed the answer straight up from a pastor, it can be difficult to decide where to draw the line.

Some factors to think about are when a fetus is considered human, how intelligent it is and if it can feel pain. If a fetus is at all times human, then this would make aborting it a murder. If it can feel pain from the abortion then the abortion is cruel. If it can notice its surroundings and is intelligent (to a babies extent) then an abortion is surely murder.

I don’t have much of an opinion on this subject; I really don’t know where to stand. More or less, I think that it is leaning toward the wrong the further down in pregnancy it is. It may be considered more humane when it’s within a month or two. (I am not an expert at pre-birth development.) It isn’t really something I’d recommend to someone I know, but maybe they should have a choice, at least early on.

There are of course circumstances where an abortion is completely necessary. If both the mother and child are most likely going to die, then an abortion can at least save the mother.

Please comment or message me or anything on personal opinions, ideas, etc. I am on the fence and am interested in other’s thoughts, especially atheists, agnostics or just secular thinkers.

Thank you :3


A Quick Note

8 Nov

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